Learn about secret of a social gaming success

Have you ever been curious about what makes the success of a social gaming? Do you wonder whether entertainment factors only make this success or some other amazing things of the gaming space do this work? It is sure that almost all gaming company earns money from do business in the gaming space.

Some game companies such as Playfish, Zynga, Playdom, and MindJolt revealed their success secret that they made use of viral marketing to advertise and widen their market instead of using traditional advertising methods like using visual media, commercial, etc. they always make their customer feel like they are getting the best at the lowest price by a simple method: the company regularly launch simple models at the price as low as possible. Therefore, even the game product their customers buy is not high class, but it satisfies “fashion-chasing” demands of the customers. To generalize game companies’ success in a common formula, we can use five specific words: Simple + Cloning + Virality + Freemium + Direct

  1. Simple

What does the word “simple” here mention? It means that make every things as most simple as possible from accession method to playing rule and other relevant principles and tools. For example, producer creates simple compulsory registration as easy as possible. Who want to play just have to register by their name or email then the information base will automatically synchronized from their other social account information. Or during gaming, do you know what attractive user to play most? Every one have desire to gain the target so that an easy-to-get-target game but not boring is the game that attract players most. There is no need to make it too difficult for player to play. The rules in game are also simple and easy to follow. The successful gaming company also shared that they always used the simplest advertising method to advertise their new product and the most popular one is using viral video. They utilized this for several reasons. First, it cost less than using commercial or other visual aid like billboard or headboard and so on. Secondly, it has incredible power in spreading. Some videos were watched by million people all over the word in few minutes after being launched. This way is more effective than using a billboard because people rarely look up to just see some images while they are walking or driving.

  1. Clone

There is a lot of legendary game that game producers can learn and make their own legendary one. However, what the game producer can learn from the former one and what they can not? Is this illegal to using some similar features of another game in their game? People always choose a kind of game to play their whole life. No matter how old they are, they are still in favor of this concept. This just like people often watch different versions of a TV show formats. To make success, game producers always have to catch and meet their customers’ demand. Therefore, they based on traditional and most favored game formats to create some new ones. In their version, if they use the same images and other visual aids, this is not accepted and illegal. However, if they use playing similar playing method, this is acceptable.

  1. Virality

As I said before, virality nowadays is a popular advertising method in not only game industry but also in many other entertainment fields. After launching a product via viral video, producer immediately receives vast of comments in terms of both complementation and criticism. They are both good for their modification to prepare for official launching. Beside, this is a cheap advertising method that helps them bring images of new products to people at all age all over the world.

  1. Freemium

Freemium is combination of two words “free” and “premium”.This is a word in noun phrase “Freemium business model”. Freemium business model is a new and trendy business format recently. In this business form, players do not have to pay any fee for first and former levels. However, if they want to play further at higher and more difficult levels, they have to pay some money. By using this business model, game producer attract a lot of players. For example, a game named “Candy crush” on Facebook – an attractive game in recent a few months, it costs no money to play at every level but there are some fee if players would like to buy supportive tools such as bomb, “ingredients” to help you pass the current level faster. Not only Facebook using this method to attract more customer; there is a plenty of other company do the same like Twitter, Linkedln and Microsoft.

  1. Direct

“Direct” means to a direct relationship between company and their customer. How to create this close and direct relationship? The only way is by taking care of every single customer. It does not mean that company’s representatives have to visit every customer. The company just needs to send some wishes and online bonus in game in their customer’s birthday or other anniversaries. A direct relationship brings company a plenty of advantages. First of all, company get immediate feedback from customer on game features what is very important to game upgrading and updating. Secondly, company is able to access to huge personal information base. Last but not least, it provides company with a free and effective advertisement. By “word-of-mouth” advertising method, company will have many other new customers.

We have already shared with you secret of many successful game companies from the beginning up to now. You might think the information above is too simple and known by every one. However, not every business starter knows and applies them rightly. Therefore, if you want to have a flying color career in game industry or any other kind of business, you have to pay attention to any tiny details and tips in your work. Hope you will have a successful business!

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Decorate the green trees in the house logically

If you decorate your house with a green tree, it can help to filter and make the air better and also lighten your house with green environment.

Modern life and industrial activities have made the environment more polluted. Therefore, each family should have some green trees and plants inside the house to make the atmosphere greener and cleaner. In addition, the arrangement of green trees can help to make your space brighter and more harmonized. The following hints will help you to arrange the green trees in each room in your house.

  1. In a living room

Living room is the place that the owner will welcome guests, friends and relatives so with the polite and serious spirit for the living room you should choose some kinds of tree which have high level of decoration. You can choose trees which can help to filter the dirt and smoke to make the air in the living room fresher. You should not decorate the living room with trees having thorns or soft branch or some kinds which the leaves can fall so often. This can make the living room cold and easy to get dirt.

  1. In a bed room 

The bed room is a quiet area so you should choose trees with average decoration. You can put a small vase of lactic in the working table or a small vase of green tree in the edge of the window.

It should be taken into consideration that trees in the bedroom should have the leaves with light colors so it can not make the atmosphere boring and dark. You should not put too many trees in the bed room because it can cause the case of lacking oxygen at night.

However, you can go to the tree shop to ask for some kinds of trees which will not take the oxygen at night. For these kinds of tree, you can decorate in the bed room without any limitation of number.

  1. In the dining room and kitchen 

The first criteria to choose the green tress for the dining room and the kitchen is that you should avoid choosing trees which are blossom quickly and will wither quickly. You should not choose trees which have strong flavor also because it can combine with the smell of the kitchen to create a very bad smell.

You should arrange a small green tree to save the space for the kitchen. Some trees can help to deodorize the smell of smoke and food in the kitchen. You can put some trees with flowers in the dining room which can help to add more color for the meal and help to have a good appetite. You should choose some trees which do not need to plant water and sun a lot so you can save time to take care of them.

  1. Connecting spaces

For some connecting spaces such as in the balcony, the window, the sky well and so on there will be direct access to the sun; you can find it easier to choose the tree decoration.

You can choose some climbing trees which can well decorate for the wall or the steel doors.

However, regardless of any types of tree you choose, you have to pay attention to the following cautions: 

– Position to place: Do not place the trees near the heater, fan and air-conditioner.

– Selection of tree: Must be suitable with the space, structure of the house, following feing shui rules to bring good air to the house.

– Do not let the trees to be withered: The withered trees can not bring good things to the house so at least if your decorate trees you should know how to take care of them.


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Cheap ways to remove bad smell in the house

You are always uncomfortable with the bad smell from some certain corners in the house, sometimes the smell from the bathroom. Below are tips which can help you to remove all the bad smell very easily but cheaply. With these ways you can absolutely remove all the odors in all corners and places of the house.

Remove bad smell from the kitchen

Kitchen is all the time the first place you have to pay attention to related to smell. The smell of food, oil, gas and smoke and so on for a long time can stick into the kitchen or even into the kitchen furniture. To remove these bad odors, you can pour some vinegar into the pot. Boil in the cooker until it is boiling, let the water steam comes out in the kitchen you will see that all the bed smell in the kitchen will be removed.

In addition, when you cook you should leave some fresh cover of lemon or orange near the cooker, the heat of the cooker can make the skin of these fruit dry which can be very effective at removing the odors. Or you can equip your kitchen with the windy fan which can help to blow away all the uncomfortable smell outside.

Remove bad smell from the rubbish bin
Even though the rubbish bin is cleaned and sorted out properly there is still some bad smell around. To remove this kind of smell, you can use the newspaper, burn it and move it around the rubbish bin then the bad smell will be removed immediately. But you should be careful with the fire when you do this way.
Remove bad smell from the toilet
The toilet should be cleaned everyday but sometimes you do not know where the bad smell comes from. Besides the ordinary way of removing bad smell you can use some artificial substance to spray or to hang in the corner of the room. You can buy a lot of artificial substance which can help to remove odor in the market. But for the toilet the principle that always keep the toilet clean and clear.
Remove bad smell in the wardrobe
The wardrobe which is used for a long time can have some bad smell because of the air and the water steam can be inside the wardrobe. You should put some dry soap in the corner of the wardrobe to remove the mould odor from the wardrobe. There are also many kinds of artificial substances which can help to keep your wardrobe dry and clean. But you should not choose some kind which is too strong otherwise the odor will stick to your clothes.

Remove the bad smell of the new paint of the wall

If you decorate the wall or you repaint the wall so the odor of the new wall can be very uncomfortable. This kind of smell will last from one to several weeks. In order to remove the smell, you should put two bowls of salty liquid into the floor; the odor of the paint of the wall can be removed from one or two days.

The second method is that you can take some wheat powder to mix with the water liquid, and then you can cut some garlic lash. After that, put it in the middle of the house and leave it for several hours. You have to do it several times; your house will not have the bed smell.

Remove the bad smell of the smoke in the living room

If there is some smoker in the house or you have many guests in the living room there will be some smoke odor in your house, especially the living room. You can remove the bad smell of the smoke in the living room by burning a candle or you can use the piece of cloth dipping vinegar then you out it in the room for a time. In addition, you can use some flowers which can have comfortable you can out some fruit or some herbs in the living room. They can be some decoration items but also help to remove the bad smell of the smoke in the living room.

You can drop a oil extract liquid into the cotton bud, rolling it in the tissues and put it into the backlashes of the sofa or in the pillows. You can feel the comfort and good flavor for your living room.

Remove the bad smell from the bedroom

In order to have a comfortable and good smell for the bedroom, you can put some candle or dry flowers or flavor artificial substance bags in the corner of the bed or of the bedroom. In addition, oil extract can help you to have a sound sleep.

Remove the bad smell from the fridge

All the supermarkets can sell the wax which can help to remove the bad smell in the fridge. However, there is one simple way to remove the bad smell but quite effective is: you put a cup of milk in the fridge and you take 4 spoons of sugar and a little bit of water, cook them until they become a strong liquid, leave it dry then put into the fridge. All the bad smell in the fridge will come out. You can put some lemon lashes into the fridge to remove the smell.

Remove the bad smell from the microwave

Microwave will be easy to stick with oil and bad smell therefore you can use the skin of the lemon or lemon juice. Put a cup of a lemon juice, cover it and turn on the microwave for 5 minutes. After that, use a clean and soft piece of cloth to clean the microwave. If the microwave is stick with the smell of fish you can use half cup of vinegar to clean the microwave. All the bad smell will be removed from the microwave immediately. Finally, open the door leaf to make it dry before using again.


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Preserve the mattress for the winter

We have spent 1/3 of our life for sleeping, therefore, we have to preserve our mattress and clean them properly. The following simple ways can help you to make your mattress cleaner and fresher in a long time.

  1. Lighting

Whenever you can, you should take your mattress outside, especially under the sun. If you can not, you have to open the window, pull out the curtain so the sun can light directly to the mattress. The natural lighting can help to remove the bad smell of the mattress. The smell from the mattress is mainly the sweat of the body so lighting can be a natural detergent to remove this kind of smell.

  1. Leave the mattress open

You should take out the cover of the mattress whenever you are not at home. You can leave it open for 30 minutes. This can help to prevent the mould and bad smell which can help to lengthen the time for using the mattress.

  1. Use the baking soda powder

You can buy this kind of baking soda powder in every supermarket. Take off the cover of the mattress and pour the powder into the mattress. Baking soda powder can act as the absorber to remove all the bad smell. You can choose the baking soda powder which can have the flavor of vanilla so it can give you the soft feeling.

  1. Clean the cover of the mattress

The cover of the mattress should be cleaned properly, you can spray some flavor substance to make the cover cleaner and softer. You should clean it by warm water which can help to deodorize any kinds of viruses or mould. In addition, all the dirt in the mattress can be removed. Then you have to hang it outside under the sun.

  1. Move the mattress

You have to move the mattress according to different directions every 6 to 8 weeks. You can move the mattress up, down, behind or in front of and so on to ensure the softness of the mattress so you can have a sound sleep. By doing this way, you can let all the dirt out of the mattress.

  1. Clean all the dirt

You can not avoid the cases that sometimes you can fall something into the mattress. You have to make the dirt wet then clean by the dry piece of cloth. Finally, you pour the baking soda powder into the dirt to remove viruses and the wet liquid. The longer the baking soda powder is in the mattress, the better it will be effective. You should leave it over night it will be better.

  1. Cleaning the mattress cover

The cover of the mattress should be made of cotton to absorb the sweat and oil from your body. You have to clean them frequently, around once time a week so you can keep the mattress cover to be clean and fresh. So if you are more careful, you can enjoy the wonderful and sound sleep every night.


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Tips to make the washing room tidy

Washing room is always the messiest room in the house with a lot of stuffs and clothes. Some below tips can help you to keep the washing room clean and tidy.

  1. The color of the room

The color of the washing room should be light and fresh color such as green, blue and so on. The color will make the room larger and more vivid.

  1. Make use of the blank space

If your house does not have space for a separating washing room you can make use of some other places to put the washing machines and other things such as washing powder.

  1. Choose items to store clothes

You can have a lot of choice to store your clothes. They can be baskets of bamboo, plastic or stainless steel and so on. Based on the style and look of your washing room you can choose the right basket for storing clothes.

  1. Use the hanger

Hanger and shelf can help you to make use of all the space below the washing machine or drying machine.

  1. Line to hang the clothes

Even though you have the drying machine, you still have to hang your clothes. Sometimes you can not hang it outside so you have to hang it inside.

  1. Boxes containing washing items

You can put the washing powder and conditioner in the glass boxes to make the washing room brighter.

  1. Add more light for the washing room

A lighting lamp can help to make the washing room brighter and shining and of course will be cleaner.

  1. Make use of all the areas

You can make use of all the space under the tables, in all corners of the washing room. Blank drawers can be used to put boxes or dirty clothes and so on.

  1. Put things over things

You can save space by putting things over things.

10. Hang the dirty clothes in the wall

You can make use of the walls near the door to hang the dirty clothes rather than putting them in the box.

11. Decorate the washing or drying machines

If you would like the washing room to be more vivid you can decorate the washing and drying machines. You can buy some colorful ones instead of the white color. Stick some stickers on the cover of them to make it more alive.

12.Shelf in wall

With the shelf in wall you can put things inside very tidily. For example, iron and other accessories can be put inside.

13. Colorful dividing boxes

You can buy a wide range of colorful boxes which is divided for different purposes. Some to store dirty clothes, some for towels and so on.

14. Green space for the washing room

A tree can help the washing room fresher. If there is the window in the washing room, you can put some vases of flower in the range of the window.







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Steps to clean the fridge

In your kitchen, fridge can be regarded as a very important kitchen device with the main purpose is to store and lengthen the time of using of food. Therefore, cleaning the fridge frequently is the good way to take all the things you have stored for a long time in the fridge out, at the same time you can ensure the hygiene and increase the time of using for the fridge. In order to make the fridge clean and durable, you have to clean the fridge from outside to inside from the backlashes to the cover of the fridge. To do it easily and quickly, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Before you start cleaning, you have to take all the food and fruit out of the fridge. You have to make the fridge empty before you do the cleaning to identify and check the dirt and some damage if any.

Step 2: Then you can identify the food you take out from the fridge, you have to throw away expired food such as expired bottle of milk, cooked meal and so on. You have to throw away anything which you will not use any longer. You can reduce the transfer of bad viruses of broken and unused food to the fresh one by doing that.

Step 3: After you identify and divide the food, you can take the shelf, drawer and other mobiles parts of the fridge out. You have to put all the things outside in 5 minutes, then you have to dip into the water. After that, you have to clean the inside of the fridge.

Step 4: You have to clean the shelf, drawer and other surfaces with a piece of seaweed. For big dirt, you can mix ammoniac alcohol with warm water according to the ratio 1:5, and then you can let the parts which are needed to clean into the water before scrubbing. After cleaning the dirt, you can re-clean the parts by water and leave it to dry.

You should not clean the glass and fridge shelf with warm water because the change in temperature can damage these parts. Instead, you have to use the cold water or you have to let them cooler before cleaning.

Step 5: Clean inside the fridge by a soft piece of cloth or seaweed. If you do not like the smell of soap, you can use the following natural ways:

+ Mix 2 spoons of baking soda and warm water

+ Mix apple vinegar with warm water

+ For long term dirt, you can scrub with a tooth paste.

Step 6: To make the fridge cooler, you can apply the following methods:

+ You can put some coal into the clean gloves, put it in the corner of the fridge so it can help to remove the bad smell for 3 months.

+ Put some baking soda into the box, put the box into the fridge and change the box every 30 to 60 days. Baking soda is considered as the best absorber.

+ You can use some vani herbs, tea leave or fresh grilled coffee into a small bag then leave it into the door leaf of the fridge and you can enjoy the comfortable flavor.

Step 7: After you have a new fridge, you have to sort out all the things inside the fridge. You have to keep in mind you have to clean and make things dry before you put things back into the fridge.

Logical order and arrangement can help you to find food you want. Therefore, you should put milk, fruit juice and other soft drink in a shelf; sauce and other similar liquids should be put in another shelf.

In order to lengthen the time of using for the fridge as well as ensuring the hygiene of food, you should clean the fridge one time a month. You have to check the food every week, throw away unused food which can give bad smell for the fridge. It can help the fridge to work more effectively and it can protect the fridge shelf from being broken because it has to hold so many heavy things.


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